A Choir's Prayer

Dear Lord:

Please watch over each member of our choir and help us to never forget that you are the center of our lives.

With the many temptations at our disposal, it is so easy to stray off center.

Teach us that, although unity of soul and voice is the essence of excellence we should strive for, we must be
tolerant when choral mistakes are made.

In the same light, fill our hears with love, so that, when we are sometimes placed in upsetting situations, we
can remain reasonably sweet, knowing that sourness can be one of the works of the devil.

Let us be reverently mindful that You are the object of our worship; therefore, guide us through the beauty of
Your liturgical works and make us ever-aware of Your holy presence.

Above all, enlighten us to understand the depth of Your love for us, and to understand and feel the meaning of
what we are singing, so that we may truly glorify Your name and lovingly sing Your praises.

Finally, let us be worthy to be Your emissaries - to reach out and touch the hearts of Your people and be a
witness of Your greater glory.

We ask all this in Your precious name. Amen